Prayer letter from Susie Kallal

Just want to take time out on this cold wintery day to say I am thinking about each one of you.  I am grateful for each one and the part you have played in my life and ministry.  Thank you!

This past Wednesday and Sunday we had to cancel our services due to snow and cold temperatures.  I sure miss our times together at church.  Our attendance for January has been very low with only children and teens that come on the church van. Trying to get in and out of the hollers in the winter are almost impossible.  Some schools have been closed for eight days!  I am so thankful I know God is in control of wintery weather.  Hope you all are staying warm and safe!

Please continue to pray for my Mom who is on dialysis.  This coming Wednesday she is being sent to a St. Louis Doctor.  As you know a couple months ago she had surgery for an aneurysm in her arm.  They are concerned that it may be back.  Would you please pray for my Mom.

Just a reminder anyone who is not getting my updates and would like to please drop me a note. My e-mail contacts have gone from 285 to 75 due to my e-mail being hacked a few months ago.

Thanks for your love and prayers that you have shown to me.

Susie Kallal
Baptist Mid-Missions Missionary to Kentucky