Prayer letter from Carolyn Price – March, 2013

Once again, it is that time to write a prayer letter. This morning, I was reading in Psalms and I read the following verse: “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. “ (Psalm 22:3) I thought much about the significance of God inhabiting the praises of His people. I am now listening to “Give Thanks for He is Good” on my CD player.    So today, I’d just to thank Him for the opportunities He has given me to serve Him here in the land of Bolivia.

MEDICAL MISSION TEAM FROM THE U.S.: I had the privilege of translating for one of the evangelist when a medical team from the States was here last week. Every day over 200 people were seen.    They were long days, but fruitful days. We often sat in the sun (my nose is still peeling), had to work in an area one day where our chairs sank far into the sand, talked until we were hoarse, and tried to be a blessing to the folks from the churches who hosted the team each day. Many people made professions of faith and there will be much work ahead for the pastors and people of
each of these churches. We are thankful for what God did and for what He will continue to do because of the doctors and evangelists who were willing to give of themselves in this manner.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: For those of you who faithfully teach Sunday school, I want to share something that happened to me the last time I was in Vallegrande. As I was getting ready to board the vehicle that would take me back to Santa Cruz, I heard someone call my name. A young man came running up to me. He asked me if I remembered him and I had to admit that I didn’t. He told me that I used to teach him in Sunday school when he was just a boy…which means I was his Sunday school teacher over twenty years ago! He said that he was saved three years ago and was faithfully serving by teaching children in his church. He then told me that he had prayed and asked the Lord to let us run into each other so that he could thank me. He said that he remembered the things I had taught him and the love I had shown him. He said that he wanted to share that same love to those he was now teaching. I was very moved by this encounter and hope that by sharing this, someone out there that is teaching – and perhaps discouraged by what to others might seem like a lack of fruit – please keep on keeping on!    We may never know this side of Heaven the results of what we are doing, but we can trust God to work in the hearts where the seed has been planted!    One of the young men in my Sunday school class (he is 14) is going through a difficult time and will be making decisions that will affect his future. Please pray for Sammy that he will make the right choices.

Lesson project: I continue to plug away at the lesson project. Many of the lessons are now being used in different places and this keeps me on my toes – well, actually it keeps me glued to my computer.    My son-in-law built two bookshelves for me so that I can keep things better organized. Several of the girls at the home (Megumi Orphanage) are helping me by coloring some of the lessons. They do such beautiful work! One friend said that the lessons, when colored by the girls, look just as good as store bought lessons! Please continue to pray for me in this area. The
project has grown much faster than I would have imagined. I definitely need God’s wisdom as I am growing right along with this ministry.

Abi’s Corner: While attending Pastor Daniel Franco’s 50th birthday party (pastor of the church I attend), Abigail and I went to the table where appetizers were being served. One of the things that caught her attention right away were these huge purple grapes that were covered with chocolate. We loaded up her plate and headed back to our chairs. She popped a grape into her mouth and proceeded to suck off all the chocolate. She then took the grape out and handed it to me informing me that she didn’t like grapes. Dutiful grandmother that I am, I ate them for her. 10 minutes later, she turned to me once again and said, “Grandma, can you please bring me some more grapes.” I smiled as I made another trip back to the appetizer table! I’m very, very thankful for the privilege of being “Abu” (Spanish for grandmother) to Abigail. My daughter is due in two months. They will be having a boy, so that means soon I will have a grandson! Rene’s doctor has asked her to take it very easy over the next few weeks as she has experienced a few problems. We would all appreciate your prayers as we await the arrival of this new little one into our lives.
A favor to ask (but only if you are able): My Sunday school class will be having an activity soon and I’d like to solicit help from those who might have the time to answer the following questions. If you are not able to reply because of time constraints, please do not feel bad. I understand “busy” all too well! If you can respond, I do not need long complicated answers.    5 Easy steps: