Prayer Breakfast, Men’s Retreat, Committee Meetings, Lord’s Table

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: In my reading I found a quote that went something like this: “God has always found it easier to get His people out of Egypt than to get Egypt out of His people.” I don’t know that I like all of the theological implications of that quote, but it did force me to ask a question. How much does my Egypt tempt me and infect my thinking? Do I think in patterns trained by Scripture or do I think in patterns formed by my culture?

We have an event-filled weekend at church. We have a Men’s Prayer Breakfast tomorrow morning at 8a. (If you intend to join us and have not yet signed up, please let me know today.) A Building/Grounds Committee meeting at church and a work day at TBS follow at 9a. We have the last sermon from Micah and Lord’s Table Sunday morning. On Sunday evening at 5p we will have a Finance Committee meeting and Tim Reid (reporting on ESL in China) will be presenting in the evening service at 6:30p.

50 years ago a man named Wes Halstead was my junior boys’ Sunday School teacher at 1st Baptist, Stewartville, MN. He is now retired and living in Florida. He and his wife are making a tour this summer of the Midwest and would like to visit with me and my dad. So tomorrow afternoon I am hosting them at the parsonage. I am looking forward to catching up with Wes and Bonnie and reminding Wes of the good work he did in teaching me the story line of the Old Testament.

Don’t forget to pray. Dale, Kim, and family are touring in California. Keep praying for a miracle for Kim. Sue’s surgery is scheduled for the 18th but they’d like to get it moved up because of her pain. School starts in less than two weeks. Think of those you have not seen in church for a while and pray for them.

Men’s Retreat is next Thursday-Saturday. If you intend to come, please sign up on Sunday so we can prepare!

Embracing Truth, Pastor