Peace family is back in Brazil

Thanks for praying as we have been traveling over the past week.  The kids have done great with all the traveling and our luggage made it through customs with no problems.  We are working with COPA airlines to resolve an overcharge they made (they charged us for an extra bag that didn’t exist) and would appreciate your prayers that they would refund the money.  In just a few hours we are catching our last flight to Tabatinga.

We were able to visit with two of our teens yesterday who currently live in Manaus to attend college.  We will be meeting up with another group of them tonight who are studying in Tabatinga.

Tomorrow morning we will catch the jet boat headed downriver for an eight hour trip.  We should arrive in Santo Antônio around 6pm. Our luggage will be arriving in Santo Antônio on Sunday’s boat.  Please pray with us as we deep clean the house, unpack and settle in.  Once we can find the kids’ school materials in our luggage, Ashley will help them get started on their last nine weeks of work.  We are so thankful to have Ashley with us until early July to help with schooling.

We would appreciate your prayers, too, as we integrate back to life and ministry in Santo Antônio. The boys have forgotten most of their Portuguese, so especially pray that they would relearn it quickly.

We are not sure what our internet access will be once in Santo Antônio, so we may not be able to get updates out as often.  Internet connections where we live are slow, so please do not send us forwards or attachments as they are difficult to pull in.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  We appreciate you!

Lloyd, Athena and family