Missionary Carolyn Price

I’m including an email prayer update from Sharon Wiebe concerning the orphanage where my daughter works. Two girls (sisters), who had been removed from several homes in the past because of rebellion, have been causing many problems over the past few months since being placed at Megumi under false pretenses (Rene was not told of their previous situations). Not only have they been rebellious at school, but in the home as well. Now they have told many lies, to people who, Rene has been told, cause problems wherever they go. Instead of going into everything, I’ll just let Sharon’s letter explain. My daughter is devastated, but it was a blessing to me to see most of the girls from the home rally around my daughter last night – hugging her, wiping away her tears, and reassuring her of how much they love their “mom.” The same girls came this morning at 6:00 a.m. and we joined hands upstairs (in what will be my apartment) and prayed together for the situation, for strength, grace and wisdom for my daughter, and we asked also that some how, some way, God be glorified through all of this. I would like to add a prayer request.

Would you please pray that those who are in charge from the Prefectura (governor’s office or maybe mayor’s office) will come and make their investigations when the other girls are there so that they can hear the “other side of the story”? These ladies have only talked to the two girls who are causing all the problems because the others are in school at the time. I think if they could just see the rest of the girls, see how well balanced they are, the young women they are becoming, it would make all the difference in the world.

Thank you for upholding Megumi at this time,

From Sharon Wiebe, missionary and director of the Megumi Orphanage:
Our Praise
We are at the tail end of a beautification project at Megumi. We are so thankful for the CLAIM team that has come from Canada to work at Megumi. They have been painting, varnishing and fixing since last week and the place looks beautiful. They even cut a window from the office into the dining room! One of the team members has been making curtains for the kitchen and dining room. Everything will look so fresh and clean and the girls will have more privacy from the road.

Our Prayer
Many of you will remember the visit that we received from the Prefectura a number of months ago. That visit began an investigative process of the treatment that the girls receive at Megumi. Rene has been diligent doing all the paperwork and has visited the Prefectura a number of times since then because of the accusations. She has received only encouragement and praise for how the girls are being raised at Megumi. In the back of our minds we continued to pray for the “investigation” but honestly thought all of that was behind us.

Yesterday as the CLAIM team was finishing up for the day, we received the promised second visit from the same group of professionals from the prefectura that made the accusations of child abuse. (a psychologist, social worker, doctor etc) They came in the afternoon when most of the girls are at school and spoke only to the two girls that we have desperately been trying to have removed from Megumi. Of course, this social worker and psychologist know nothing about the situation of these two girls, why they were placed in Megumi and the conversations that Rene has been having with the social worker and psychologist who have been working their case.

The investigative process has now moved to the second stage. The team from the Prefectura has upgraded the accusations and is turning everything over to the Defensoria de la Niñez (the ministry of Chidren’s Defense). We are now expecting a visit from the Defensoria de la Niñez at any time. Instead of getting better, this situation has gotten more complicated and more serious. I am trying very hard not to overreact but I really cannot stress enough how much Megumi needs your prayer right now.

And again as last time, this group of professionals has come to the home, they make their accusations and we may not hear anything for a month or two. They say to expect the next visit today – that may or may not happen. As papers get shuffled around in the Prefectura, these things may take more time than we think but that doesn’t mean it’s going away. I ask you to please pray for two things.

#1. That Rafahel and Rene would have peace and calm and wisdom as they seek solutions.

#2. That the truth would come to light. I am flabbergasted to think of the damage that two little girls can do to ten years of ministry by lying and twisting the truth. I do understand that when children complain of mistreatment, adults should listen. My prayer, though, is that what is actually true will come to light.

God bless you all.
Thank you for standing with us.
God is big enough!!


Psalm 46:1,2 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;