Letter from the Oetmans to Korea

Rob’s surgery – Thank you for your prayers for him and our family.
Rob did have his surgery a little late.  All went well, now the healing begins.  He was able to have the surgery on Nov. 20th.  There was more damage than they expected but the doctor said he was able to fix it all and he should have a good recovery.  Pray it goes good and quickly.  He will be in a brace 4-8 weeks, he is pretty faithful in keeping that on for it really hurts when his arm moves without it or even with it.  So he is careful to keep it from moving.  Little by little he is able to do more each day.  He has started backing in preaching and teaching which is good.

While in the hospital we were moved to a different room and meet Daniel Lee.  We would like you to pray for him.  He lived in US for over 20 years and came to Korea for business while here he fell and had to have back surgery.  He ended up paralyzed from the waist down.  We were unable to talk to him one on one about the Lord.  We gave him some tracks and talked with him a little but are going to go back and see him. The rest of his family and his wives family now live in the states.

We spent Thanksgiving with some church families.  It was a very good time.  We were blessed to be invited to their house for because of the busyness of the surgery I wasn’t going to do Thanksgiving this year.

The church is doing good.  We will be losing a very faithful member at the end of December as he will be going back to his home country.  We will miss him greatly.  But others have already started stepping up to fill in with the things that he is responsible for.

Please keep praying for our church to find a new location to meet as our lease comes up this coming year.
Sorry this update on Rob took me so long to get.  I have been very busy these days.