July 28, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray this finds you rejoicing in the love and goodness of God for you. I have been able to read a bit this week and I find myself re-excited to get to know God and His Truth more and more. This journey of knowing and loving God is inexhaustible. That’s what can make it ever-new and exciting every new day.
Our Mission Team had a good week. They spent many hours canvassing neighborhoods and parks looking for children to attend VBS at Calvary Baptist Fellowship. They were able to make good contacts with many families, at least 3 families came who don’t normally attend that church, one family seemed to make a commitment this week to be part of the church, and a young boy named Louis received Jesus as his Savior. The high attendance for the week was 10 and we had 10 teens there to teach them! Both the church and the families contacted were impressed with the willingness of the Mission Team to serve Jesus. Perhaps the most important work of the week was the work of God in the lives of those from our church who went to serve. We will hear a report from them as the evening service on August 13th.
As you pray, remember Wayne Rose. His dad’s funeral was yesterday. Also keep praying for a miracle in the lives of Kim and Sue Struska. Dale and Kim are planning a trip to California to see the Red Woods and then down to see Kim’s sister and Dale’s brother who are missionaries in Mexico. They’ll be back when school starts!
Men’s Retreat is in two weeks. I am looking forward to the fellowship and fun. I’ll attach the promo page. You have only two Sundays to sign up!
We have church dinner this Sunday. For our Sunday afternoon preaching, I’ll be at the end of Exodus 32 and then 33. I think it’s a complex text that makes us ask many questions about God and our relationship with Him.
Embracing Truth, Pastor