Joel & Joanie Troester – prayer letter

Our dear sister, Adelia, is now studying at a new school away from home. Before leaving her mother took her to the family culendeiro, (witch doctor) where Adelia was put through a rigor of rituals. Here, even members of mainline denominational churches seek protection from the spirits of dead relatives. Adelia understands that these beliefs are wrong but is still under the authority of her parents. Pray that God would penetrate the confusion that blinds them.

Ten days after Adelia arrived at school, we took a group of ten from our church for a Sunday afternoon visit to see her. She had been asking other students if they have the certainty of eternal life. Eleven of them joined us that day for an impromptu time of sharing the gospel, testimonies and Q & A. When given the opportunity to speak, Adelia said, “I pursued coming to this school two years ago, but it didn’t work out then. I’m so glad because in those two years, I came to know Christ, have been growing in my faith and I praise the Lord that I am not the same person that I was.” Her fellow students asked when we’d return to continue our discussion and study the Bible together. Many other students, who heard about it later, asked Adelia to inform them when we’d meet again. Praise the Lord for open doors!

Land for our church – The battle continues for permission to use the land we have requested. Greed within this culture runs deep and the city government is no exception. Bribery is the normal procedure. God opened the Red Sea for the children of Israel. Pray that God would work in Solomon’s heart. We have already made 26 visits to his office.

Rosinha, a former neighbor, participated in our Bible and math clubs. Last July Rosinha, along with seven other children, trusted Christ to take away her sin. Rosinha had battled with asthma
since birth, spent much time in the hospital and was recently being treated for tuberculosis. In February, after becoming so weak that she could no longer go to school, Rosinha was promoted to heaven. We rejoice that she claimed to know Jesus. Please pray for her mother, Maria, who seeks her direction from a witch doctor. Maria has now buried two of her children and her husband, and needs to know the true Giver of Life.

Berean Club is for those who take the challenge to complete a simple Bible study at home during the week. They come on Wednesday night, ready to share their discoveries. A good number have been faithful to come prepared.

On Saturday Nights Joanie’s group of gals is continuing to study “Becoming a Woman of Excellence” and the men continue to study personal purity. Like any other place in the world, the challenge for purity is great and the influence of the world is strong. I have met twice with a young man who is ready for some help after falling into the trap that had taken him prisoner. Please pray that they’d all purpose to pursue victory.

We are encouraged to hear our folks express excitement over what they are learning in their Bible reading and how it impacts their lives. Several take regular opportunities to share the gospel and we enjoy hearing of their experiences. These opportunities have lead to several coming out to visit.
On Good Friday we had a sweet time rejoicing in God’s provision of salvation during our Good Friday service. Today, as did many of you, we had a special celebration of the Resurrection!

He IS risen! May we faithfully serve the Risen Savior,
Joel and Joanie Troester