Here a Little for April 20, 2014

Monday – read Luke 23:1-5
Of what did the Jews accuse Jesus?

Tuesday – read Luke 23:6-12
How did Jesus help Pilate and Herod to be friends?

Wednesday – read Luke 23:12-17
Why did Pilate want to chastise an innocent man?

Thursday – read Luke 23:18-24
What crimes had Barabbas committed?

Friday – read Luke 23:33-43
What is the constant in all this chaos?

Saturday – read Luke 24:1-12
Why did the disciples not believe Jesus was alive?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Sunday School
We have classes for every age from 2 years and up.
We have Trimesters for our adult classes. New classes begin in May.

Church-supported Missionary:
Nestor & Lallie Lubuguin
Nestor pastors a church in the Philippians. His church supports church-planters in the Philippians and throughout Southeast Asia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Bryan & Patty Abell: Emily, Eli, Autumn
Bryan is an engineer. Patty works at Mercury.
Emily and Eli attend Fond du Lac district school. Autumn attends TBS.

Maybelle Armstrong
Maybelle attends with Mary Kay

Beverly Baum
Bev lives with her niece, great niece, and great nephews.
Bev sings in our choir.

Paul & Amy Braker: Bethany, Viola
Paul will graduate from Marian this spring. He is finishing an internship at Schenk. Amy teaches music at TBS.
Paul is a member of our finance committee. Amy sings in the choir and plays keyboard for Awana and church services.
Bethany is in K-4 at TBS.