Here a Little for October 27, 2013

Monday – read Genesis 2:15-17
Give some reasons why you think that God would keep one tree from Adam and Eve?

Tuesday – read Joshua 6:17-19
Why do you think God would prohibit Israel from enjoying the spoils of Jericho?

Wednesday -read Acts 5:1-11
Why might God be so harsh with Ananias and Sapphira?

Thursday – read Leviticus 27:30-33
Why would Israel need to “pay interest” on their borrowed tithe?

Friday – read Leviticus 23:9-20
What are firstfruits and what was to happen to them?

Saturday – read Mark 12:41-44
Why did Jesus make such a big deal of this lady?
Pray for us …
Church Ministry: School Committee: Dave Rabe, Dick Winkler, Jean Winkler, Curt Carter, Sue Carter, Randy Martin, Jan Martin, Ted Hanes, Darryl Mayes, Eric Denk, Sam Kaufman, Paul Braker.
They serve the church by helping Pastor and Mr. Shaeffer lead and serve our school.

Church-supported Missionary: Doug & Cheryl Boisvert
Doug & Cheryl’s teaching & helping ministry is constantly evolving. Doug is currently exploring the idea of going to Mongolia as well as Africa.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Lisa Olson
Along with her sister Amber, Lisa has been managing their store in Door County this summer. We look forward to seeing much more of her after the season ends soon.

Bill & Karen Pickering: Maggie, Arianna
Bill is employed at Society Insurance and Karen part-time at the Blue Goose.
Maggie is in her 4th year of college.

Ross & Carol Purcell
Ross and Carol are gaining daily strength from their long year of cancer and knee surgery.

David & Kathy Rabe: Mallory, Mackenzie
David & Kathy are Rabe Construction. David serves on our School Committee and Kathy in Awana.
Mackenzie is in 8th grade at TBS.