Here a Little for November 3, 2013

Monday – read Psalm 106:1-8
Why did God save Israel from Egypt?

Tuesday – read Psalm 106:9-16
Israel soon forgot what God did in Egypt. What can we do to remember what God has done for us?

Wednesday -read Psalm 106:17-24
Into what image did Israel change God their Glory?

Thursday – read Psalm 106:25-32
Who boldly stopped the plague of judgment?

Friday – read Psalm 106:33-40
What happened because they did not destroy the Canaanites?

Saturday – read Psalm 106:41-48
Why would God change His mind and restore Israel?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Choir: Led by David Douglass; Assisted by Karen Douglass, Accompanied by Jan Martin
About 25 volunteers practice for 1½ hours twice a month so we can sing in church about twice a month. We are planning a “Carols & Sweets” program for Christmas to be held the evening of December 15th.

Church-supported Missionary: Sue Kallal
Sue is rejoicing about the good attendance they are hainv in church. They are had a outreach into the community on October 25th. Pray that people begin attending church because of this outreach.

Members of the Body of Christ:
John & Kathy Reidel
Kathy is recovering from knee replacement surgery. John fell recently. It was good to see both of them in church this week!

Wayne & Kathy Rose
Wayne has had a case of pneumonia that has kept them out of church lately.
They are moving to 116 N Berger Parkway H-2 by the 1st of November.

Jay & Barb Rosenthal
Barb works at Mercury Marine.
Jay serves on our Building/Ground Committee and in Awana.

Jeff Rosenthal has moved to Madison and has found a good church there.