Here a Little for May 5, 2013

Monday – read Ezekiel 19:1-14
Here is another allegory. How did the kings of Judah (lions) end up?

Tuesday – read Ezekiel 20:1-9
Why would God not want to answer the elders of Israel?

Wednesday -read Ezekiel 20:10-20
What was the purpose of the laws God gave Israel?

Thursday – read Ezekiel 20:21-29
What did Israel do when they got into the promised land?

Friday – read Ezekiel 20:30-38
Why would Israel not become like the Gentiles?

Saturday – read Ezekiel 20:38-49
When would Israel know the LORD?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Mom Time: About a dozen moms of young children meet together at the church every other Thursday morning for encouragement and edification. Watch the bulletin for their next meeting!

Church-supported Missionary: Doug & Cheryl Boisvert
Tri-M is Modular Mobile Missions. As director of Tri-M Africa Doug oversees and teaches in a variety venues helping train local ministers.
They just returned from an extensive time in Africa and are in meetings to report and get support.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Rory & Christa Martin: Tyler, Reece, Easton, Savannah
Rory is the Associate Pastor of Trinity Baptist. He teaches English and Bible at TBS and is involved in one way or another with most of the ministries at Trinity.
Christa helps lead Mom Time. She teaches Sunday School and Awana and sings in our choir.

Darryl & Karrie Mayes: Caleb, Noel, Micah
Darryl is an electrician for the railroad. He teaches in our Sunday School.
Caleb and Noel attend college. Micah attends TBS.
Karrie keeps these men in line!

Tony McCoy
Tony works in produce at the Pick N Save on Pioneer.

Tom & Pat Michler
They have recently returned from Florida. Pray for Tom concerning possible cancer.