Here a Little for March 31, 2013

Monday – read John 18:28-40
Where did Jesus say He was from?

Tuesday – read John 19:1-15
What was Pilate’s opinion of Jesus?

Wednesday -read John 19:16-30
List details that show that the crucifixion of Jesus was a historical fact.

Thursday – read John 19:31-42
What evidence do we have that Jesus died?

Friday – read John 20:1-18
What did John see and what did he believe?

Saturday – read John 20:19-31
If you have believed, what has caused you to believe?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Ministry Committee: Van Fitch, David Olson, Curt Carter, Dale Struska, Randy Martin, Tony Miller, Tim Krause, Nestor Delica
They serve as the board of the church and help the Pastors provide leadership to the church.

Church-supported Missionary: Charlie & JoAnn Smith
Charlie has a 6-bypass heart surgery in February. He now needs a kidney transplant. Pray for his recovery.
Charlie and JoAnn are on furlough in Wyoming. Pray for  wisdom and strength as they report to their churches.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Suzanne Goldapske
Suzanne is sister to Bonnie Fiebig and Sandy Schneider. She is Tanya’s aunt.
Pray for her sons and grandsons.

Ted & Stephanie Hanes: Valerie, Almanzo, Oliver
Ted is an engineer at Mercury.
Stephanie sings special music and in the choir. Ted is an Awana leader and a member of the School Committee.

Russ Hemsey
Russ is wintering in Texas. I doubt we will see him until it warms up!

Christine Holzman
Christine is our Puggles Director.
She works as a nanny and is active in a variety of ministries.