Here a Little for March 30, 2014

Monday – read John 1:1-2
Who was Nicodemus? Why did he come to Jesus at night?

Tuesday – read John 3:3-8
What two births must every member of the Kingdom of Heaven have?

Wednesday – read John 3:9-13
What did Jesus say was the source of His doctrine?

Thursday – read John 3:14-15
To what did Jesus compare Himself?

Friday – read John 3:16-18
What is true of the one who will not believe?

Saturday – read John 3:19-21
How can we identify those who have believed?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Website Design/Maintenance
As part of his work at TBC Pastor Rory designs and maintains our website. Pastor and others regularly post articles to keep it fresh.

Church-supported Missionary:
Doug & Cheryl Boisvert
In addition to leading Tri-M Africa, Doug has taken a leading role in Tri-M Asia. He is teaching pastors and church leaders in Mongolia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Jeremy & Amber Shaeffer: Annika, Levi, Weston
Jeremy is Principal of Trinity Baptist School. Amber is Finding Eden along with her sister. Annika, Levi, and Weston attend TBS.
Jeremy sings in the choir, teaches & preaches, and is our Awana Game leader this year. Amber is a member of our keyboard team and provides offertories.

Tim & Lisa Shell
Tim works for a local printer that makes wrappers for Hostess. Lisa is a nursing assistant at St. Francis.
Tim is a member of our Building/Ground Committee. He works with David Olson in counting attendance. Lisa is an Awana Leaders.

Dale & Kim Struska: Micah, Hannah, Annamary, Isaac, Andrew, Elias.
Dale plows snow and sweeps parking. Kim teaches Micah, Hannah, and  Annamary.
Please pray for Kim’s migraines to go away and for strength.