Here a Little for March 23, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 7:15-18
How can we identify the righteous from the unrighteous?

Tuesday – read Matthew 7:19-20
What will happen to those who are not really righteous?

Wednesday – read Matthew 7:21-23
What types of behavior are no guarantee of eternal life?

Thursday – read Matthew 7:24-25
What makes a wise person? What is the end of their life?

Friday – read Matthew 7:26-27
Who is a foolish man? What is the result of their life?

Saturday – read Matthew 7:28-29
Contrast the teaching of Jesus with that of the Scribes.

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: TBS Athletic Coaches: Lin Leeds, Sarah Leeds, Jeremy Shaeffer
Jeremy just finished coaching a FCS-led basketball season with TBS partnering.
Team building is integral in the development of young people.

Church-supported Missionary: Jon & Ruth Bergen: Judy, Anna, Jessica.
Jon is currently in the States reporting to churches and trying to raise support. He would like to eliminate their church debt to free up monthly income.
Ruth is managing the ministry in Scotland in Jon’s absence.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Terry & Roberta Scherck: Devin
Roberta takes care of our Lord’s Table elements. She also works to keep our church looking seasonally appropriate.
Devin sings in the choir and plays in our orchestra. He also serves as an Awana leader.

Jeff & Jenny Schmieder: Summer, Morgan, Krimzon, Mason, Jed
Jenny works nights for the Department of Corrections. She is hoping for a job transfer that will allow her to work days.
Jeff is a truck mechanic.