Here a Little for March 2, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 6:1-4
What cannot be our reason for generosity?

Tuesday – read Matthew 6:5-6
What cannot be our reason for praying? Why is this true?

Wednesday – read Matthew 6:7-10
To whom do we pray? How should that impact our prayers?

Thursday – read Matthew 6:11-13
What should we pray about?

Friday – read Matthew 6:14-15
What is true of a person who refuses to forgive?

Saturday – read Matthew 6:16-18
What is a good reason to fast?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Off Center activities: planned by Curt and Sue Carter
Off Center is a name we have given to activities geared for mid-aged adults. A Cook Off with a fundraising twist is scheduled for March 29th

Church-supported Missionary: Joel & Joanie Troester
The Troesters serve as church-planters in Mozambique, Africa. God has used them to lead many to Christ, partner with missionaries from Brazil, and help the Christians find ways to support themselves and the Lord’s work.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Lisa Olson
Along with her sister, Amber Shaeffer, Lisa is Finding Eden. She will be spending a lot of time in Door County again this summer.

Bill & Karen Pickering: Maggie, Arianna
Bill works for Society Insurance. Maggie is finishing up her degree from Emmaus Bible College. Arianna keeps Karen busy.
Karen broke her ankle and had surgery on it a week ago. Pray for her as she handles the pain and gains strength to return to her many activities.

Ross & Carol Purcell
Praise the Lord with them for the health they have enjoyed this year!