Here a Little for July 21, 2013

Monday – read John 1:1-3
What role did Jesus play in the beginning of time?

Tuesday – read John 1:4-9
Tell how Jesus is Light.

Wednesday -read John 1:10-13
Who become the sons of God?

Thursday – read John 1:14-18
How do we see the Father?

Friday – read John 1:19-23
Who did John the Baptist say he was?

Saturday – read John 1:24-30
Who did the Baptist say that Jesus was?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Orchestra & Offertories: Lin Leeds, Brie Foree, Devon Scherck, Naiza Delica, Chris Delica, Beth Mohr, Sarah Leeds, Ross Purcell, Micah Mayes
These enrich our congregational singing and provide us with worship opportunities during the offering.

Church-supported Missionary: Doug & Cheryl Boisvert
Doug is director of Tri-M Africa. They assist indigenous ministries by providing modular education opportunities for pastors and church leaders.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Curt & Sue Carter
Curt works in customer service for a company that sells batteries for all kinds of devices. Sue works for a pediatrician.
Curt and Sue lead our Off-Center activities. Curt leads our Men’s Retreats and serves on several committees.

Fred & Joan Chiero
Fred is on oxygen which makes it hard to come to church.

Joe, Ted, Lexi, and Joey
Joe works for ABC Supply.
Ted is currently at advanced training in the reserves. He will be attending college in the fall.

Travis Daharsh
Travis is mowing for a utility company again this summer. He intends to move closer to the church in Kansas he attends in the fall.