Here a Little for January 6, 2013

Monday – read Jeremiah 44:1-14
What would be the end of those who went down to Egypt? Why?

Tuesday – read Jeremiah 44:15-19
How did the people respond to Jeremiah’s warning of judgment?

Wednesday -read Jeremiah 44:20-30
What would you have thought of these Jews if you were an Egyptian and heard this message?

Thursday – read Jeremiah 50:18-20
What did God promise concerning Israel’s future?

Friday – read Jeremiah 52:1-11
What lesson might we learn from Zedekiah’s demise?

Saturday – read Jeremiah 52:12-20
What impact do you think the temple destruction have upon the Jews?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Orchestra & Offertories: Lin Leeds, Ross Purcell, Brie Foree, Devon Scherk, Naiza Delica, Chris Delica, Beth Mohr, Sarah Leeds
Anyone who plays an instrument is welcome to play along with our congregational singing. You may speak with jan Martin if you would like to be included in our offertory schedule.

Church-supported Missionary: Carolyn Price
Carolyn works with deaf ministries and Christian education efforts in Bolivia.
She is living with her daughter who with her husband serve in an orphanage.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Bruce & Mary Prahl
Bruce teaches science at Marian University

Ross & Carol Purcell
Ross is currently battling lymphoma – a cancerous tumor. He is taking an aggressive dose of chemo therapy. He returned to the hospital on Christmas Eve with an extremely low white blood count and high fever.

David & Kathy Rabe: Mallory, Mackenzie
They own Rabe trucking and need a lot of snow this winter.
David serves on the school committee. Kathy works in Awana.
Mackenzie attends TBS.

John & Kathy Reidel
They attend Closer to Glory.