Here a Little for February 2, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 5:1-2
What two words are used to describe those who heard Jesus? How are these groups different, the same?

Tuesday – read Matthew 5:3-4
Why do these two statements seem strange?

Wednesday – read Matthew 5:5-6
How are these statements self-fulfilling?

Thursday – read Matthew 5:7-8
Why might the pure be able to see God and not others?

Friday – read Matthew 5:9-10
Why might someone who brings peace be named God’s son?

Saturday – read Matthew 5:11-12
Do you think the blessing of this verse is worth the pain? Why?
Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Summer Wednesday evening teachers:
When Awana ends at the beginning of May we shift into a 4 month series of classes for the summer. We normally need 3 teachers for our youth classes: pre-school, elementary, and teens. Might God want you to teach on Wednesday evenings this summer?

Church-supported Missionary: Robert & Brenda Oetman, Robby, Amanda, and Matthew
The Oetman’s pastor a church near the DMZ in South Korea. This church has primarily been an American military church. Their hope is to make it a more Korean church.
Robert has had some health problems.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Linda Mand
Linda is employed at Fives.
She serves our church on the Building/Ground Committee working with the cleaning sign-up lists.

Mary Kay Mand
Mary Kay sings in our choir.

Roger & Joslyn Marsh: Amanda, David, Jonathan, Andrew, Matthew, Timothy, Joseph, Rebekah, Zachary.
Roger delivers bread to stores. His “workday” normally begins before midnight.
Joslyn homeschools 6 at this time!