Here a Little for February 16, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 5:21-22
What consequences do my thoughts of others have upon God’s judgments of me?

Tuesday – read Matthew 5:23-26
Why should we work to find agreement with each other?

Wednesday – read Matthew 5:27-28
If lust is adultery, what should we do about lust?

Thursday – read Matthew 5:29-30
Is Jesus being literal? If not, what is He saying?

Friday – read Matthew 5:31-32
What happens when there is a divorce?

Saturday – read Matthew 5:27-32
Do you think these verse might fit together? How or why?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Orchestra & Offertories: Lin Leeds, Brie Foree, Devon Scherck, Naiza Delica, Beth Mohr, Sarah Leeds
They add color and beauty to the sounds of our worship.

Church-supported Missionary: Carolyn Price
Carolyn is working to develop children’s Bible lessons for use in Bolivia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Darryl & Karrie Mayes: Caleb, Noel, Micah
Darryl works for the railroad and is a member of the Ministry and Education Committees.
Karrie teaches K-4,5 Sunday School.
Caleb attends UW Oshkosh. Micah attends TBS.

Tony McCoy
Tony is employed at Pick N Save. He attends TBS on Sunday evenings.

Tom & Pat Michler
Tom and Pat are in Florida for the winter.

Tony & Pat Miller
Tony is an architect with Excel Engineering. Tony is a member of our adult SS teaching team.
Pat is the Administrative Assistant at TBC and teaches Algebra at TBS.