Here a Little for December 29, 2013

Monday – read Matthew 2:1-3
Why do you think Herod and jerusalem was troubled by the news of the wise men?

Tuesday – read Matthew 2:4-8
Who told Herod of the prophecy about Bethlehem?

Wednesday -read Matthew 2:9-12
What did the wisemen do when they saw Jesus?

Thursday – read Matthew 2:13-15
Where did Joseph take his young family to keep them safe?

Friday – read Matthew 2:16-18
What prophet had foretold Herod’s jealous cruelty?

Saturday – read Matthew 2:19-23
Who told Joseph that it was time ti return to Israel?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Men’s Retreat Coordinator: Curt Carter
Curt has taken on the responsibility of scheduling, booking, and coordinating our Men’s Retreats. August can’t come soon enough!

Church-supported Missionary: Julaine Appling
Julaine is the Executive Director of Family Research Institute and Family Research Council. She is “Wisconsin’s teacher” concerning family issues.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Eric & Laura Denk: Alex, Sam, Megan, Mary Jo
Eric is a machinist. Laura is Director of the Hartfod Pregnancy Center.
Alex, Sam, Megan, and Mary Jo attend TBS.
Eric is a member of our School Committee.

David & Karen Douglass
David and Karen own and operate a construction company.
They are our choir director and members of the Worship Committee.

David & Patricia Elsinger
David is a commercial dispatcher.
Patsy sings in our choir, in special music, and is an active member of our Building & Grounds Committee.

Bonnie Fiebig
Bonnie is Tanya Westra’s mom and sister of Suzanne & Sandy.