Here a Little for December 2, 2012

Monday – read Colossians 2:13
How were we dead? How are we alive?

Tuesday – read Colossians 2:14-17
Describe our relationship with the law.

Wednesday -read Colossians 2:14-17
Describe Christ’s relationship with the law.

Thursday – read Jeremiah 18:1-12
What lesson can we learn from the potter’s house?

Friday – read Jeremiah 21:1-10
What did God say was going to happen to King Zedekiah and the city of Jerusalem?

Saturday – read Jeremiah 24:1-10
Who was going to be better off – those who were carried captive to Babylon or those who were left in Judah?
Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Vacation Bible School: 2013 dates are August 3rd-7th for children 3 to entering 8th grade.
Pastor leads this fun week with the help of many good volunteers. Set the dates aside now!

Church-supported Missionary: Doug and Cheryl Boisvert
directors of Tri-M Africa: Modular Mobile Missions.
they partner with national to train pastors and church leaders on site in Africa

Members of the Body of Christ:
Dan & Lin; Sarah and Charlie
Dan pastors Trinity Baptist. Lin teaches K-2nd grades at TBS.
Sarah will do her student teaching next semester at 1st Baptist Christian School in Waupaca.
Charlie is a freshman at MBBC.

Ezekiel and Hannah Leeds
Ezekiel is in San Antonio in Air Force security forces training. He will come home for 10 days at Christmas.
Hannah is employed by an agency that provides in-home care. She is expecting their first baby on December 27th.

Linda Mand
Linda is employed at Mag. She oversees our church cleaning schedule.

Mary Kay Mand
Mary Kay sings in our choir.