Here a Little for December 8, 2013

Monday – read Job 1:1-8
What is God’s assessment of Job and his life?

Tuesday – read Job 1:9-12
What did Satan think was Job’s reason for serving God?

Wednesday -read Job 1:13-22
What emotions might you have if you had a day like this?

Thursday – read Job 2:1-8
Now what did Satan think was Job’s reason for serving God?

Friday – read Job 2:9-13
How did Job’s wife and friends respond to Job’s losses?

Saturday – read Job 42:1-6
What was Job’s response when he saw God?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Cleaning Schedules/Supplies: Linda Mand, Patsy Ellsinger & Anne Ganzer. Linda maintains our lists and contacts those who sign-up. Patsy and Anne make sure supplies are in place. Together they help direct cleaning days and other volunteers.

Church-supported Missionary: Charlie & JoAnn Smith
Pray for continue regaining of physical strength as Charlie recovers from last year’s heart surgery.
Pray for more financial support before they return to Argentina in the spring.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Maybelle Armstrong
Maybelle sits with Mary Kay Mand most Sunday mornings.

Bev Baum
Bev sings in the choir and works in Awana. She likes to help when we have special events.
Bev lives with her nieve, 2 great-nephews, and a great-niece.

Paul and Amy Braker; Bethany, Lola
While finishing up his bachelors at Marian University, Paul is an intern at Schenk & Associates. Paul is a member of our finance committe and teaches our high school boys Sunday School class.
Amy teaches choir at TBS and is active in choir, accompanying, and special music in church.
Bethany attends pre-school at TBS.