Friday, September 9

We have many hurting who would like you to pray for them:

– Kimberly is recovering from her surgery. So far the plastic surgeon’s repair of her wound seems to be going well. She is at Froedtert.

– Linda McCrary is in rehab following her knee replacement surgery.

– Kathy Rose is also at Froedtert. She was to have a pump installed that would eliminate fluid that is building in her chest. I understand she was also going to be put on a heart replacement list.

– Dick Winkler is undergoing many tests for his liver cancer. Pray for strength for the Winklers and wisdom for the doctors as treatment is determined.

– Ross Purcell is still struggling with fluid build up following his open heart surgery last month.

Truly, God is good. Sometimes in the hustle and frustration of this very broken world we can lose focus. God is always right and He always lovesĀ  – especially His own. Allow yourself this day to know the love of God for you. See you Sunday!

Embracing Truth,