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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: First some health reports. Bill Struska’s hernia surgery last Friday went well. He was in church Sunday. Though he has expected soreness, he is healing nicely. And we can praise God for good news from the McCrary home. Tony is moving back to Fond du Lac Lutheran home today with expectations of healing and being able to go home soon. Continue to pray for Bonnie Fiebig’s pain management and for her blood clot to be removed so she can have a procedure to help with her pain. Continue to pray for Pastor Shaeffer as he meets with doctors to determine the cause of his abdominal pain.

Souped Up! is tomorrow. We will have soup ready for eating in or take out at 11a and will be open until 7p. Depending upon the time of day and how busy we are, we may have as many as 9 varieties of soup for you to choose from. Eat in dinners include a pint of soup, roll, and a home made dessert. Quarts to go are $7.

This Saturday is Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Sign up tonight or let me know if you are coming.

Sunday is Lord’s Table. We will look at Jesus from the book of Zechariah.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Sunday is Church Dinner Day! Also Missionary Carolyn Price will be in our adult Sunday School hour and our after lunch service.

We have many health needs among us. Tony McCrary is still in ICU in Manitowoc. He has a virus and internal bleeding which has led to other complications. Please pray for Linda too as she makes the many trips from Fond du Lac to Manitowoc to spend time with him.

Bill Struska will have hernia repair surgery tomorrow morning – Friday. Pray for quick recovery.

Jeremy Shaeffer meets with his primary care doctor tomorrow morning. So far all the tests concerning his digestive problems have come back negative. Pray that they can learn the source of Jeremy’s pain and exhaustion.

Bonnie Fiebig is at home. She has months to wait until she can have the procedure that might take away her pain. Meanwhile she needs medication to control the pain and to remove blood clots.

Pray for the health of Sarah Prigge. Her husband is the pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Watertown.

Pray that God be glorified at Trinity Baptist as we meet together this Lord’s Day. May our praise be of Jesus and His goodness to us.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray that your hearts today would be bent towards Jesus as we anticipate the Lord’s Day tomorrow.

Linda McCrary called to say that Tony has returned to the hospital in Manitowoc because of an infection. You will remember that he has fought infections in the past 12 months that have accompanied his several hip replacement surgeries. I do not know details, but would ask you to pray.

Pray for Pastor Shaeffer’s health – especially that they would learn the cause of his gut issues.

Tomorrow morning we will look at 3 visions and a command in Zechariah 6-7. It’s the wrap up of these unusual pictures that were given to the returned remnant as encouragement for their work. In the evening preaching, Charlie is going to begin a walk through the little book of Ruth. This fun story has so many practical applications. I pray you will prioritize theses opportunities to hear and apply God’s Word.

Pray for Souped Up! We have a goal of $4,000. To accomplish this we must sell about 600 pints/quarts of soup. This has become the second largest fund raiser for our school and is another great opportunity to get the word out about our ministries. We are looking for help – especially driving delivery at lunch time and washing out used roasters in the late afternoon/early evening. Even if you only have an hour to give, pop in the kitchen at school. Dishwashers are always welcome! See Beth Braker if you can drive or would commit to a certain time of the day. We will be working from early morning until closing at 7 p.m.

Pray that our church be faithful to God’s Word. Pray that we would retain our first love for Jesus and the Church. Pray that we not be distracted from our service by all the glitter and gloom of our present world. Pray for one another.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family – Psalm 146:1 “Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD, O my soul! While I live I will praise the LORD; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.” About 40 of us gathered Sunday evening to do just that. We had a good time singing around the piano from our old hymnbooks.

A Valentine Party is planned for your family for this coming Saturday evening, February 10th at 5:30p in the fellowship room at Trinity Baptist. The evening will include: several group games, a “love” verse down to determine which table eats first, a taco buffet, and a short Scripture challenge. A sign up is in the back of the church to bring parts of the buffet. If you are not signed up and want to know what to bring, contact Beth Braker.

Pray for Bonnie Fiebig – that her blood clots might go away and that her pain would remain managed. Many continue to struggle with this year’s cold and flu. Pray for those who have recently lost loved ones. I continue to pray for Wayne, Jean, and Janet as I remember Bill, Dale, Micah, Hannah, Annamary, Isaac, Andrew, and Elias.

Pray for our country. The squabbling we hear masks the fact that real issues need to be resolved. Pray for wisdom and a fear of God to prevail. Pray that we might have liberty to serve our God.

Pray for the unsaved to be brought to an understanding and conviction of the gospel. Pray specifically for someone you should tell about Jesus.

Pray for the preaching and ministry of our Church.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Yesterday, I failed to mention two things. First, add Penny to your prayer list. She is a friend of Kathy Rabe who had a stroke a couple of years ago. She had an episode at the grocery store on Wednesday and needed to be taken to the hospital. She was to be released yesterday. Pray for wisdom and strength. She has been attending our Wednesday evening bible study.

Also, Saturday is Men’s Prayer Breakfast. If you are not signed up and intend to come, please let me know as soon as possible.

Stay warm!

Embracing Truth, Pastor