Carolyn going to see her parents

Dear praying friends,

For those of you who do not use Facebook, yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions and activities for me.  After two days of looking for my parents, they were finally found – alive and well.  They did not make it to the storm shelter in time and were found and dug out of the debris that had once been their home. It is a miracle that they survived as they did.  I think when you see the picture I am attaching, you will understand why.  My brother who has a serious heart condition is completely exhausted and is not able to do much more.  Actually, I think I’m more concerned about him at this point. (Thank you Elaine and Diane for helping me finally find my parents.)

I’ve made the decision to go home.  Through gracious friends, I will have a place to stay, a car to use and more people have offered to help as we will be trying to sift through all that used to be my parent’s home.  So many people have prayed for my family – and for me as we would “find” my parents only to “lose” them again. (This happened several times.)  I truly have been overcome with emotion on several occasions as I have read the many messages, emails and words of encouragement that have been sent to me.

My friend Sharon Wiebe here in Bolivia has been by my side almost the entire time.  She has been such a tremendous help.  She knows of my situation and has written a letter that she would like me to share with you.  (I was completely drained yesterday.)  I am already indebted to so many people and she is just one of many.

If I could ask you to pray for one thing it would be this:  Please pray for the salvation of my mom, dad, and brother.  God has spared them which is so evident.  For my brother, it is the second time.  When I talked to him on the phone, I told him how much God loves Him and wants him to open his heart.  Please pray that God will give me the right words and the boldness that I will need to talk to them openly and honestly about their spiritual condition.  God has already done so many miraculous things – the greatest miracle of all would be to see them accepting Christ.

I do not know when I will be able to write again, but the next time will be from the United States of America:  specifically, Moore, Oklahoma.  I will be leaving here Saturday morning and should be in Oklahoma City around 10:00 p.m. God bless you all – and thank you from the bottom (and top and middle) of my heart,
Love in Christ,
Carolyn Price
P.S.  I hope to buy a cell phone when I get to the States.  I’ll try to send the number once I get one!