Bergen – Prayer Letter from Brechin, Scotland

Greetings from Scotland! We had our biggest attendance of the year this last Sunday! There were 60 there, with only 2 first time visitors. God has really been working in lives and we are seeing spiritual growth, faithfulness and determination to live for Him. We are so excited about things that are happening at Brechin Baptist Fellowship! If everyone would come on one Sunday we could easily be running 70 in our services every week.

However, the devil is not happy! He is fighting over time with our leadership.

Jon came down with a kidney stone last Saturday and was in so much pain he could not even make it to church on Sunday. (Nothing like having the minister miss the highest attended day of the year!) Emergency service were called in on Saturday night and again on Sunday evening, as he was in that much pain. He spent most of the week in bed. Today is the first day this week he has gone out for any length.

Ruth had a treatment done on her mouth a week ago Friday and another yesterday, she is doing better, but needs to heal. The dental hospital is still not sure they have gotten all the infection gone, and she may still be looking at surgery. They have told her that it may be many months before she is totally healed.

We have three trustees in our church, one has a wife in hospital, their baby is not due until October and she is fighting high blood pressure. Another one has a wife who has been having special trial treatments for severe pain. The last treatment triggered something in her body and she is having severe extremes with both high and low blood pressure and now their only vehicle has quit working. The third trustee has had several health problems lately and has a parent who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

As you can see we need you, our prayer warriors, to continually lift us and God’s ministry here in Brechin before the throne! We have watched over the years as things start to happen in our church, the devil raises his ugly head and works over time. Too many times we have watched people feel that the fight is not worth the effort. Pray with us that we will see the fruit of our labour and that above all God will be glorified.

Jon is preaching through the fruits of the spirit. Tomorrow is the introduction of JOY. Pray with us that people will see the JOY they can have in their lives in spite of pain and suffering.

(Hebrews 12:1-2)
Because of Christ,

Jon and Ruth Bergen
Brechin, Scotland