Baptisms and More!

Praise the Lord for the rain this morning. God sends us many good things. Sometimes we even recognize them as good!

We are baptizing two on Sunday! Joey Chiero and Dawn Chiero are going to be obedient to baptism and join with this Congregation. I am excited about their step of faith.

Sunday is a church dinner day. We have a missionary to Bolivia who is with the same board as our Carolyn Price. Larry Shetter and his family will minister to us in adult/teen Sunday School and then for our after lunch devotions.

The teens are going camping in Door County Sunday through Tuesday. Nine teens, 4 adults, and 2 babies will leave after devotions on Sunday. Pray for their safety and spiritual renewal during this time away.

On a personal note: Zeke flies to Georgia on Sunday for 20 weeks of training for his next stage of life. Pray for his safety and that his testimony remains strong while he is away from Hannah and the boys. Hannah will be with us for a couple of more weeks before heading to PA to see Hannah’s family.

Rejoice in the LORD – everything else is a cheap imitation.

Embracing Truth,