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My son, Charlie, is to take Life Science next school year. This might not mean much to the normal person, but to me it means the dreaded IC (insect collection). Which of course they do not tell you about until the end of September, when all good little insects have vanished. So being the sometimes anal retentive, obsessive/compulsive person that I am I have started the family looking for bugs.

So, yesterday I sighted a beautiful butterfly taking a peek into our house. I jumped into action and caught the butterfly in a tupperware. This morning I thought it was dead so I lifted the cover, actually so I could catch another bug, and knocked the butterfly out unto the counter. It lay there for some time and when I looked back it was testing its wings. I thought to myself how often have I run into people who seem dead when all they need is a little fresh air.

How often I have been that person. They are beautiful creatures, but have been bottled in impossible circumstances. Trapped through no fault of their own. Stuck in a tupperware. I thought I want to be the one to free those people, not looking for ways to trap them. If God cares for the sparrows (and butterflies) does He not care for people so much more? I wanted to let the butterfly go, but did not, the next time I see a person struggling I will look for ways to open the tupperware. I have cried for that butterfly and maybe not so much for the butterfly but for all the people that butterfly represents.