Auction results!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray you enjoyed the Lord’s Day. As the preacher, sometimes I don’t read the day as others do, but I thought yesterday was a fun day. Missionary Marne Krause was a blessing in sharing her burden to Cameroon, Africa. The Word preached challenged the heart of the preacher. The fellowship during lunch was good – and the amount and quality of food was also excellent! As we were packing up to leave our Zomi friends were gathering for their worship service. I thought it was a busy and beneficial day in God’s house.

If you missed church yesterday, you might be wondering about the results of the TBS Dave Shell Memorial Auction this past Friday evening. We registered about 60 bidders. We topped $10,000 in the live auction. Adding the silent auction, concessions, and gifts, Mr. Shaeffer announced to our staff this morning that the gross exceeds $17,000! Praise the Lord for this good help to our school budget! Our expenses are very low because we host this at our gym and have done most of our advertising through social media, posters, emails, and word of mouth, The end result is that most of this income goes directly to our school’s financial needs.

We thank the hundred of community members who donated items, the many volunteers who invested great hordes of hours, and the good folks who generously gave of their funds to make the auction a success. We also thank those of you who pray for TBS and for this auction. Great job, Team Shaeffer!

Enjoy our winter weather. Have a great week.

Embracing Truth,