Here a Little for August 18, 2013

Monday – read Ezekiel 34:1-5
What is the job of the shepherd?

Tuesday – read Ezekiel 34:6-10
How did God accuse Israel’s shepherds?

Wednesday -read Ezekiel 34:11-16
What would God do for His flock?

Thursday – read Ezekiel 34:17-24
How will God judge between His sheep?

Friday – read Ezekiel 34:25-31
How would Israel know they were God’s people?

Saturday – read Psalm 23
Write a job description of a shepherd.

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Finance Committee: Curt Carter, Paul Braker, Tony Braker, David Olson, Tim Krause, Sean Lapp, Dick Winkler
They count our offerings, sign the checks, and make budget recommendations to the congregation.
They assist the pastors in overseeing our church and school finances.

Church-supported Missionary: Robert and Brenda Oetman: Robby, Amanda, Matthew
When they recently returned to South Korea they began ministering in a new church near the DMZ.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Mary Freund
Mary has been a faithful member of TBC for almost 20 years.

Brie Foree
Brie works at Lands End in Johnson Creek.
Brie is part of our choir and orchestra and special music ministry.

Dan & Anne Ganser: Adam
Dan is the production manager in a local plant.
Anne is a member of our building and ground committee.

Dale & Jenny Giese: Samantha
Dale drives truck and Jenny works at Quad.